Top 10 Great Honeymoon Places

After having a magnificent wedding ceremony, it’s time to think about the place to take your honeymoon. Like charming the crowd by an elegant wedding gown, memories about the honeymoon travel will also be treasures cherished by you throughout the life, right? Below, you will be introduced with top 10 wonderful places for the honeymoon travel. Probably, you are also attracted by fascinating scenes there!


Top 1: Yosemite National Park

America is the first place called to mind by most girls, right? The Yosemite National Park is exactly a great place, where archaic sense oozes out everywhere. In the fairy tale, prince and Cinderella also live here. It sounds romantic, right?


Top 2: Aegean Sea

It’s another place that sounds rather romantic. Being one of the most famous tourist attractions across the world, it’s like a bright pearl for the whole country. It’s the freedom land described by Plato. Aside from these, this place is also the beer paradise aspired by most people!


Top 3: Trinidad and Tobago Seaside

Peerless landscape on the Caribbean Sea makes us remember the legendary travel on the Caribbean island. Sunshine passes through the colorful clouds and shines the whole seaside. To take a walk there must be comfortable.


Top 4: ROM. Matt Mountain

It’s located in Italy. Magnificent scenery on mountains at Val Di Funes is famous. But it’s believed you won’t know how alluring it is before going there personally. This place lies in the north of Bolzano, being a famous beauty spot.


Top 5: Vabbinfaru Island

It’s famous for its tranquility and romance, which is located in Maldives. There, time feels like stopping. Although the sunshine is rather bright, yet not hot. The sea breeze is soft, yet features its own power. All travelers walk on the seaside of the Vabbinfaru Island very carefully. It seems like they are afraid of startling something there. Maybe, they just don’t want to destroy the quiet of that place. It’s believed that feeling will be unique!


Top 6: Tyrol Mountain

The State of Tyrol is a place, where is rich of mountains. This place is located in Austria. It’s close to Voralberg at the west and Land Salzburg at the east. It’s divided into two places by the Land Salzburg. Italy and Switzerland are at the south of it.


Top 7: Peggy’s Cove

It’s located at a small village beside the Halifax of Canada. Fishing village around the Arctic Circle seems rather graceful and quiet.


Top 8: Oak Alley Plantation

It refers to an old way in Louisiana of America. Three-starred hotels can be found there. It’s believed you will have a comfortable journey there.


Top 9: MaYong Luzon Volcano

It’s located in Philippines, which is an active volcano there. You can see whole volcanoes there, which are 130 kilometers long and more than two thousand meters high. Their tops are grey white, composed of andesites. There is almost no tree on the upper part, yet so many trees at the lower half. Sulfur hot spring is found at the foot of the hill, which is helpful for curing skin diseases. Large-scaled manila hemps are planted there. The scenery is pretty.


Top 10: Lake Como

Located in Milan of Italy, it features picture-liked scene. The love scene in Star War was shot there. So, you can image how appealing it is?

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